Keys to Recovery: Protecting and Supporting the Process

Recovery from drug and alcohol abuse is no easy task, but it certainly is an admirable one with a long journey of ups and downs. Recovery would not be possible without a strong support system and faith in oneself that the other side will be better and full of hope. Today, we are going over […]

PTSD and Addiction: How Veterans Are Particularly Susceptible to Substance Abuse

We at Transcendence Treatment Center have often shared information about how and why veterans and/or military personnel are often more susceptible to substance abuse due to the social, mental, and emotional norms that are present while in the military. We wanted to dive a little deeper into the context of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) […]

Living a Sober Lifestyle with PTSD

PTSD is no easy burden to carry. We’ve discussed how PTSD is particularly harmful to the mind and can be brought on by various factors ranging from military combat, childhood trauma, sexual assault, etcetera. Traumatic events that may have led to the diagnosis of PTSD do not have to be your burden to suffer without […]

The Most Common Causes of Addiction in Veterans

Being conveniently located close to Charleston’s Joint Base allows us to interact with those who are currently in and have been in the military. For a variety of reasons, veterans are often more susceptible to addiction than the general population, which is heartbreakingly unfortunate and we aim to help veterans who are suffering each and […]

The Truth About Alcohol and Why It is So Dangerous

Alcoholism or alcohol use disorder may be something you hear about often, but what exactly is alcoholism?  Alcoholism is a chronic disease in which individuals have a preoccupation with alcohol that inhibits them to control their drinking due to an alcohol dependence. As alcoholism progresses, the dependency grows further, often continuing use even when drinking […]

How To Deal with Grief and Loss of a Loved One Due to Addiction

If you have a loved one that suffered from addiction and has since passed away as a result of substance abuse,  you may have found yourself in a whirlwind of emotions. We want to preface this by emphasizing that there is no ‘right’ way to grieve. You may feel angry, confused, sad, defeated, and everything […]

The Stigma of Addiction — A Holistic Overview of Addiction

Addiction is an issue that affects much more of the population than you may imagine, yet there is still a significant stigma that is associated with addiction.  What exactly is the stigma? Why does this occur? How does it manifest? What problems and complications does this stigma create? How do you overcome this barrier?  These […]

Signs Your Loved One May Be Facing an Addiction

Addiction is much more widespread than you may think. It may be surprising to hear that almost 21 million Americans suffer from addiction, yet, most of these 21 million people do not seek out treatment for recovery. In many instances, drug experimentation can quickly spiral out of control and turn into an addiction. When this […]